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Lemmy LESMILLS is the world's leading trendsetting and successful group fitness management system! It originated in New Zealand and is popular in over 100 countries around the world and currently works with over 19,500 licensed clubs around the world.

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Benefits of the class 1 can shape the body line (frequent aerobic people's body will be flat, barbell class can effectively help us tighten the skin and make the body more three-dimensional) 2. Enhances joint stability (members who often run and jump are prone to knee injuries without any strength protection, barbell classes can help us strengthen and stabilise our joints) 3. Enhance the basal metabolic rate and prevent exercise rebound 4. After the class, women will have a waistline and buttocks, and men will have a better muscle tone after the class.


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In terms of operational management, we have always focused on refining our operations. The introduction of Lemay courses is an important step, we want to give our members the best service - including Lemay courses, coaching and the whole system of SMART TECH equipment, which has now become a necessity for the club. As an authorised club, we receive support from Lemay China in various areas such as training, marketing campaigns, online promotions, referrals to partners, etc.For men who need to build muscle, the strength equipment in the gym is an excellent weapon for plyometric training and can be used to work on weak areas according to your needs. If you don't know how to use the various pieces of gym equipment, you should consult a club trainer as incorrect use is often the main cause of injury. Generally speaking, muscles grow rapidly with a reasonable supply of nutrition and with powerful training.