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Fitness Plus

We are a health and lifestyle company providing top notch fitness services to the everyday individual. We are passionate and committed to promoting a lifestyle of fitness and seek to encourage individuals to take time off their busy schedules to develop and cultivate a lifestyle of fitness which on the long run will improve overall well-being, boost body metabolism, promote productivity at work, increase longevity amongst several other benefits.

To provide top notch health and fitness services in a relaxing and conducive environment towards the general well-being of all
To be a leading provider of health and fitness services and to promote fitness as a way of life


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What real people say about Fitness Plus

I love it... Well equipped and with great instructors... If you are around the yaba axis you should check this place out... Great place for a workout lifestyle
Michael Okonta
It's very comfortable and it offers amazing services at a very affordable price.
Oluwadunsin Akinlotan